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UMR-ACUHO Strategic Plan


During the winter of 2017, President Tracy Gerth-Antoniewicz convened a strategic planning task force to plan for the future of UMR-ACUHO. The task force reviewed UMR-ACUHO documents including, but not limited to: constitution and by-laws, assessment data, climate surveys, focus group feedback, and data from the annual conference. Upon review of all of the information, the task force recommends the following goals to serve as a guidance for the organization with their accompanying objectives and action items. These items will be reviewed by membership at the 2018 Annual Conference.

Read the Strategic Plan

Read the full PDF version of the 2019-2023 UMR-ACUHO Strategic Plan

UMR-ACUHO Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is comprised of three themes, with corresponding goals; each goal is followed by specific strategies and action items to ensure success.

The themes and goals of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan include:

Learning & Involvement

  • Provide year round opportuntities to engage all members at all positional levels
  • Enhance corporate partner expereince and relationships
  • Stay relevant and current in education and development opportuntities for members

Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Indentify and remove practices that are barriers to opportuntities and involvement within the association
  • Provide and highlight opportunities for members from historically underrepresented and/or minoritized populations

Organizational Identity Development

  • Telling our story, marketing, and branding
  • (Re)Define organizational/committee operational structure to sustain a forward-thinking assocaition

UMR-ACUHO is committed to making strong progress to goals listed in the Strategic Plan.  As we make progress, we will be releasing Strategic Plan Updates.

Strategic Plan Update #1 - Post Winter Meetings 2019