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About Us

It is understood Association goals are also goals toward which all committees will strive for in their volunteer efforts.

  • Fulfill the mission, values, goals, and structure of the Association while keeping them visible and accessible to the membership.
  • Provide and promote opportunities for members to become and remain actively involved and engaged throughout the year with the Association.
  • Through education, assessment, and feedback of our membership we will continually promote, incorporate, and critically examine the inclusiveness and equity within the Association.
  • Continue the utilization of technology to improve efficiency and communication with members.
  • Maintain sustainable practices to be good stewards of the Association and environmental resources.
  • Foster and maintain strong relationships with corporate partners while also developing new partnerships.
  • Encourage innovation and creative experiences by engaging in a critical review of processes, events, and programs of the Association.
  • Collaborate and establish strong relationships with other housing regional associations and ACUHO-I.
  • Provide meaningful outcomes-based learning opportunities for members.
University of Central Missouri at South Crossing Holden