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Perspectives Magazine

UMR-ACUHO’s Perspectives

The UMR Engagement Committee produces Perspectives on a quarterly basis. 

The Engagement Committee is always soliciting articles. Here is more pertinent information regarding articles.


Topic Areas

 Inside UMR - Region updates and information. This section is dedicated to updates from inside the UMR region, mostly submitted by current executives and committee members.  


The Personal Side - A more personal look at our UMR Region professionals and how they connect with their jobs, colleagues, and students on a day to day basis. These articles might be:

  • Personal anecdotes that relate to our profession
  • Individual stories about their experiences 
  • Individual “ah-ha” moments as a growing professional
  • Life in the housing profession
  • How the work impacts the person
  • Books that inspired 

The Business Side - An overview of day-to-day operations at the various institutions in our region. Articles in this section may include successful practices in the region relating to: 

  • Building Maintenance
  • Finances/Budget/Operations
  • Professional Development Topics
  • Research 
  • Innovative use of technology
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Training Practices 

The Student Side - This section is dedicated to the students that we work with every day. Articles should be about working with students in any capacity. Some ideas for submissions would include:

  • Articles written by students
  • Hot topics in the field
  • How we connect with students
  • Student leadership (Advising and mentoring)
  • Living-learning communities
  • Student staff training & development

Article Submission Deadlines

Article Deadline: March 4th

Article Deadline: June 4th 

Article Deadline: September 3rd

Article Deadline: November 18th

When you’re ready to submit an article, visit this Google Form!

Do you have questions about Perspectives?
Send an email to and someone from the Engagement Committee will be happy to assist!
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