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Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI)

Marquette University Office of Residence Life will serve as the host site for RELI.

RELI 2022 will take place June 5 - 9, 2022 at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconson.

What is RELI?

The Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI) for Housing and Residence Life Staff is a 4-day intensive seminar featuring a range of activities for entry-level professionals who aspire to mid-level positions in residence life and beyond. RELI is modeled after the National Housing Training Institute through the Association of College and University Housing Officers - International.

RELI Participants will:

  • Attend sessions facilitated by experienced professionals in housing/residence life and student affairs faculty members
  • Assess current skill levels and devise professional development plans
  • Gain valuable practical information about movement to the next professional level
  • Receive personalized guidance in mapping out short- and long-term career goals

RELI will:

  • Help participants identify and develop skills and perspectives necessary to move to a mid-level position
  • Create an environment for networking with faculty who are experienced professionals in the field
  • Provide one-on-one and small group mentoring
  • Create an environment conducive to connecting with other new professionals, providing support and the foundations for lasting collegial relationships
RELI 2022
Participants Faculty

Ready to learn and grow with a cohort of entry-level professionals?

Complete the Participant Application by February 11, 2022: 

The cost for RELI Participants is $295 and includes registration, meals, lodging, and all materials.


If interested in serving as RELI Faculty, please complete the Faculty Application Form.

Applications are due February 11, 2022

RELI Faculty need to pay for personal travel expenses; all other costs are covered.