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Write for Perspectives Magazine!

The UMR Communications Committee produces three Perspectives magazines each year. The committee is always soliciting articles for the following topic areas:

Inside UMR - Region updates and information. This section is dedicated to updates from inside the UMR region, mostly submitted by current executives and committee members.  The exception is Around the Region in which we accept submissions from any and all members!

  • Around the Region - Submitted by any member; campus updates, new hires and employment updates, retirements, personal achievements, births, deaths, promotions

Perspectives - An opportunity to write articles focused on the magazine theme. However, not all articles for this section must be directly related to the theme. We encourage submissions that represent the wide variety of perspectives that are within our region, including professionals from every level of employment, members from private and public schools, experiences from every state in the region, graduate students and professionals, and voices from various institutional sizes.

The Personal Side - A more personal look at our UMR Region professionals and how they connect with their jobs, colleagues, and students on a day to day basis. These articles might be: 

  • Personal anecdotes that relate to our profession
  • Individual stories about their experiences 
  • Individual “ah-ha” moments as a growing professional
  • Life in the housing profession
  • How the work impacts the person
  • Books that inspired 

The Business Side - An overview of day-to-day operations at the various institutions in our region. Articles in this section may include successful practices in the region relating to: 

  • Building Maintenance
  • Finances/Budget
  • Operations
  • Professional Development Topics
  • Research 
  • Vendor Relations
  • Innovative use of technology
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Training Practices 

The Student Side - This section is dedicated to the students that we work with every day.  Articles should be about working with students in any capacity.  Some ideas for submissions would include:

  • Articles written by students
  • Hot topics in the field
  • How we connect with students
  • Student leadership
  • Advising and mentoring
  • Living-learning communities
  • Student staff training & development

Article Submission Guidelines

Articles are submitted by emailing the article and attachments (specified below) to the committee chair, Pamela Lisowe, at

Each article should be submitted as follows:

  • Saved in a Word Document (Version 2000 or newer format)
  • Calibri 12 point font
  • 500-1800 words in length
    • As a guideline, 900 words will fit on one magazine page
    • Longer articles may be accepted, but they may be edited by the Communications Committee for content and space
  • American Psychological Association (APA) citations should be included if applicable. At the end of each article please include a citation list.
  • All articles may be edited for grammar, content, and space. The editors will do their best to maintain the author’s voice throughout the article.
  • The top of the document should include the following information, aligned to the top left side of the page. This information will be printed in the publication. 
    • Title of Article
    • Author(s) full name, title, and institution 
    • Email address, social media accounts, or other contact information you would like included in the magazine

The following should also be included in your submission email:

  • A headshot photo of each author or a photo of all authors together should be attached to the email with your submission; they should not be copied into the document itself. Images should be high quality for printing purposes (ideally jpeg format)
  • Additional photos and graphics related to the article are highly encouraged and should be attached, if applicable (ideally jpeg format). If you have any suggestions of quotations from the article that can be used in our page design, please also note those in your email.
  • Please title the attachments with a brief article title and author(s) name.
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