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Note from the President

For 50 years UMR-ACUHO has been a professional association led by volunteers that create professional development experiences that educate, challenge, and celebrate student housing and residence life staff members in our region.

The benefits of a year-long UMR-ACUHO membership are numerous including reduced registration fees for the annual conference, a free job posting site, three digital magazines, educational webinars, quarterly electronic membership updates, a valuable network of resources, and opportunities to become involved in a leadership capacity in our Association.

Nearly 100 professionals annually make up our committee membership, committee chairs, and executive board.  This personal and professional development commitment remains the backbone of our Association as these members work hard to deliver quality educational (and at times social) opportunities to learn, teach, recognize, and connect.

UMR-ACUHO members are encouraged to attend and present programs at the annual conference, are invited to submit articles for publication in the UMR-ACUHO 'Perspectives' magazine and are eligible for research grants, scholarships, and award opportunities -- many that are made available to members pursuing graduate education.  One of our Association's points of pride is that we provide networking opportunities for approximately 1600 housing professionals located at over 100 member institutions.

I remain humbled by both the leadership opportunities I have experienced in UMR-ACUHO and the opportunities I have had to learn from so many professionals in our region over the past decade.  I hope you will consider joining UMR-ACUHO today so you can be a part of our 50th year celebration and take advantage of the many educational opportunities available to you and your institution.  Simply put, UMR-ACUHO is well worth its price of membership.

Torin Akey
UMR-ACUHO President

Bethel University