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University of Nebraska Omaha - Apartments


2018 Executive Committee Areas of Focus & Action Items

Area of Focus #1: Consciously evaluate systemic structures and remove barriers that impede full inclusion and opportunities for all members

Action Items:

  • Update communication protocols and web presence to ensure accessibility
  • MIC completes a comprehensive review of process to select committee chairs, committee members, and recruitment of executive committee candidates
  • Committee Chairs and members will evaluate how the work of their committee centers the experiences of historically underrepresented identities
  • Evaluate how to strengthen the support provided by the Professionals of Color, Pride, and Women in Housing Networks (Keniese)
  • Social Justice Committee facilitate a review of the UMR Inclusion & Equity Statement
  • PD&T Committee create professional development around civil discourse

Area of Focus #2: Expand opportunities for professional development in addition to the annual conference

Action Items:

  • Explore other regions professional development offerings outside of conference (Greg and Torin)
  • Committees identify or develop two opportunities outside of the conference (All/Committee Chairs)

Area of Focus #3: Streamline and connect existing communication

Action Items:

  • Connect information provided through website, emails, newsletters, and Perspectives (Jordan, Jacque, & Dana)
  • Develop a communication plan that coordinates timing of information. (Jordan, Jacque, & Dana)
  • Create access protocols for the new website (Jordan)
  • Redesign and launch of UMR-ACUHO website (Jordan)

Area of Focus #4: Assess financial stability and policy, review sustainable budget alignment and conference registration fees

Action Items:

  • Establish a policy to better align conference registration fees to the conference cost
  • Committees reevaluate budgets (All/Committee Chairs)
  • Establish a policy on reserve levels and spending procedures
  • Review current financial state and determine how surpluses should be allocated
  • Set standards for all financial accounts, create benchmarks for accounts
  • Explore additional revenue sources or cost cutting measures (All)

Area of Focus #5: Support innovative ideas and structure of conference opportunities

Action Items:

  • Continue to explore and evaluate conference content and format
  • Contribute to the planning the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of UMR-ACUHO in 2019
  • Support and promote the fundraising goal of $50,000 by the 50th Anniversary