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The purpose of the Communications Committee is to develop and maintain appropriate standards for communication and information sharing via the agencies with which we outsource. In addition, this committee is responsible for the solicitation and dissemination of knowledge through various channels.

Are you interested in a list of magazine articles from past issues of Perspectives? Contact Dillon Pearson, Communications Committee Chair for a complete list! 

Committee Goals

  • Produce three quality hard copy/online issues of the magazine each year in a timely, cost efficient, and sustainable manner that are representative of the organization’s mission, values, needs and current issues.
  • Record demographics of future article submissions to ensure accurate representation of institutions and experience levels in our region.
  • Utilize all-member survey to gather information from association membership and improve the magazine.
  • Network and Examine best practices of other regions in their publications to assess and improve our publication.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with our printing service to make the outsourcing process as smooth as possible for the association.
  • Maintain accurate electronic archive records of Perspectives.
  • Communicate (on the website) professional standards and editing process for the magazine and award winner criteria with membership.
  • Create subcommittees as needed or as deemed necessary to accomplish committee goals and projects.
  • Explore ways to make the magazine more innovative and aesthetically appealing.
  • Update submission guidelines to include Twitter handles, email addresses, demographics information, pullout quotes, photos, graphs/charts, and additional content.

Submission Guidlines

Towards the Horizon: Mapping Our Future Perspectives Magazine Cover