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Concordia - St. Paul

Social Justice Committee

The UMR-ACUHO Social Justice Committee focuses its efforts on educating, celebrating, and mobilizing our membership to better advocate for and with our peers and students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. The committee is made up of five subcommittees: On-going Education, Keynote Speaker Selection, Social Justice Awards, signature event, and Philanthropy.

The On-going Education subcommittee’s mission is to create and administer learning opportunities for the region in the area of social justice beyond the annual conference.

The Keynote Speaker Selection subcommittee is responsible for finding and securing two keynote speakers at the regional convention.

The Social Justice Awards subcommittee is responsible for gathering submissions and selecting recipients for the two Social Justice Awards presented at the annual conference.

The Signature Event subcommittee is responsible for the creation, and implementation of a session at the annual conference that is outside of the normal realm of presenting or programming. Examples in the past include spoken word, a poster gallery, and a performance troupe called Awareness through Performance.

The Philanthropy subcommittee is responsible for creating service-oriented opportunities at our annual host site which give back to the community we are inhabiting while we attend the annual conference. Some examples of this include gathering donations for a local women’s shelter and conducting a winter clothing drive for children in need.

    Moving forward, this committee will provide opportunities for our region to learn, to share, and to take action outside of the conference. Our committee does this in an effort to meet the region’s mission of educating and providing services that meet the needs of the diverse people and institutions of UMR-ACUHO.

    Whether you seek a leadership opportunity within this committee or not, we encourage you to engage in our region in all facets from a social justice framework. By doing so, it is our hope that we will become better-informed professionals who model advocacy for their students and peers.

Committee Members

Jessica Girdler (Chair), Kansas State University
Alejandra Flores, University of South Dakota
Christian Robinson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Eddy Gonzalez, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Eric Gorecki, St. Cloud State University
Evan Knoespel, University of Iowa
Jacob Alexander, Hamline University
Jacque Jankiewicz, Universit yof Wisconsin - Whitewater
Jake Reily, University of St. Thomas
Lisa Thao, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Mae Yang, College of Saint Benedict
Griselda Feliciano, Carthage College

Social Justice Committee 2019