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Concordia - St. Paul

Social Justice Committee

The UMR-ACUHO Social Justice Committee focuses its efforts on educating, celebrating, and mobilizing our membership to better advocate for and with our peers and students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. The committee is made up of five subcommittees: On-going Education, Keynote Speaker Selection, Social Justice Awards, signature event, and Philanthropy.

Our committee seeks to provide opportunities for our region to learn, to share, and to take action outside of the conference. Our committee does this in an effort to meet the region’s mission of educating and providing services that meet the needs of the diverse people and institutions of UMR-ACUHO.

Whether you seek a leadership opportunity within this committee or not, we encourage you to engage in our region in all facets from a social justice framework. By doing so, it is our hope that we will become better-informed professionals who model advocacy for their students and peers.

Committee Members

Jess Girdler (Chair), Kansas State University
Christian Robinson (Chair), University of Kansas
Sara Schilling, Drake University
Damian Waite, St. Olaf College
Katie Keenan, University of Kansas
Justin Dickerson, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Marcus Powell, University of Iowa
Kassie Dumont, North Dakota State College of Science
Brady Hubbard, Iowa State University
Danny Gissing, South Dakota State University
Nick Fulco, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Social Justice Committee