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The place you built your professional network. The first place you first presented a conference program. The place you met your future supervisor. One of the places that first challenged your privilege or built your social justice education. The place you met your future partner. The place you learned to think about your work differently. The place that made you laugh. The place that played a part in making you into the professional you are. Whether you have attended dozens of UMR conferences, or perhaps only one, you have benefited from a space where you could learn from colleagues and developed your professional identity.

UMR-ACUHO has provided many of us with a lifetime of memories and opportunities on top of serving as one of the primary points of professional development opportunities for the last 49 years. As we approach the celebration of our 50th year as a professional association, now is the time to reflect on many years of success, and turn our eyes toward the opportunities of the next 50 years in the association. I am pleased to introduce to you today the 50 for 50 Campaign for UMR-ACUHO, an effort to raise $50,000 dollars for the UMR account through the ACUHO-I Foundation by the close of our 50th Anniversary Conference in November, 2019 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

By raising this money designated for UMR use through the ACUHO-I Foundation, we will be able to fund three unique annual development opportunities for a variety of professionals in the region. Two of these opportunities will be brand new initiatives we are launching due to this campaign. These three scholarship opportunities will be designated as:

  • The UMR-ACUHO Mid-Level Scholarship. This new scholarship will be exclusively for UMR mid-level professionals to attend ACUHO-I professional development events such as the Mid-Level Institute, NHTI, the Annual Conference, etc.         
  • A Development Grant for members with historically marginalized identities to pursue a conference opportunity of their choosing sponsored by ACUHO-I. The long term goal of this new scholarship will be to award this to several members annually.
  • Increasing the number of the existing First Time Attendee Scholarships to the ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition from 1 to 3.

I have asked Past President and current UMR-ACUHO Foundation Representative Christina Hurtado, along with Past President Terry Tumbarello to spearhead our efforts to raise $50,000 by the conclusion of our 50th Annual Conference, so you can expect to hear more details on initiatives and opportunities to give soon.

I hope that you will be willing to join with me and the other individuals and companies that have had an amazing experience through involvement in UMR-ACUHO over the years to help fund future opportunities that will sustain the development of professionals at our member institutions. The 50 for 50 campaign will be a testament to the strong legacy that exists in UMR-ACUHO and stand as a foundation for the next 50 years of outstanding leadership in student housing.


Gregory R. Thompson

Past-President, UMR-ACUHO